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Simple Project Management Oversight and Reporting

I just spent time with some folks from Set Point Systems discussing their new project management oversight tool, gapZEN – filling a glaring hole in traditional project management. In my mind I first I wondered if it was project management management, or project management2, or managing project management. That all feels like it’s making messy matters worse. Like meeting to schedule a meeting. But most project management tools I’ve used add layers of complexity to deliver reporting and oversight. It’s like trying to get out of a hole by digging it deeper.

The solution I saw was refreshing – if it’s not too oxymoronic to combine the terms “refreshing” and “project management.” gapZEN brings accountability and reporting simplicity to complex project management. Having been both on the delivering and receiving ends of difficult projects, this is a much needed solution – a simple way to see how a project is flexing with its scope, cost or timeline. It seems to work with any project management tool and it’s free during beta.

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