Offering a unique (idiom) clarity (lucid) in online product marketing, Lucidiom provides clients with strategic and tactical online product and marketing consulting that simply works.

Steve Conlee Conducting Group Marketing TrainingFounded and managed by Steve Conlee, Lucidiom Group is a virtual group of internet product, marketing, development, design & advertising professionals. Our unique background in technology, general marketing and internet marketing allows us to help companies of all sizes and markets optimize their product and marketing efforts – delivering the biggest possible return for their dollars and efforts.

Lucidiom Group offers each client a package of services precisely customized to their goals and needs. No two companies should have the same product marketing strategy. Yet because of their organizational structures, most other agencies or outsourced marketing firms have a single prescription for every client’s needs. They’ll prescribe the same solution for every client because it maps to their own organizational structure.

Each engagement with Steve and Lucidiom Group begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s market and capabilities. The resulting strategic plan is fitted precisely to that client’s needs and optimized to ensure the greatest potential value is delivered as quickly as possible.

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